Hello and welcome to my website.

Here you'll find a bit about me, my background and projects past and present.


I'm best known for creating PistonHeads.com way back in 1998. I sold that site in 2007 and since then I've been experimenting with various other technologies and ideas.

My biggest project in recent times has been MotorMutt, my used car search engine platform that powers the classifieds sections on the Evo and Octane magazine websites.


blatters.com new — a social network for petrolheads.

yoted.tv — a quick construction to identify currently trending motoring videos.

DreamGT.com — stripping the search engine down to basics

Motor Auction News — just some fun exploring interesting motors from forthcoming auctions.

Sounding board for Startups

If you've an idea that you'd like a sanity check on then please get in touch.

I received a lot of useful help and advice when trying to get PistonHeads off the ground, so I'm happy to help others in a similar position. More info here.

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